“Contrology is complete coordination of mind, body and spirit.”

Joseph Pilates
Joe Pilates

Move well, move often. This is our manifesto. Joseph Pilates was a boxer, a gymnast, a bodybuilder, maverick and visionary who called his method Contrology. We call it Pilates.

At Edinburgh’s Pilates ‘gym’ we teach the full method on traditional apparatus to everyone with a human body. We are teachers and movement lovers. We follow the original system: viewed from a modern perspective. But we always return to the source: Contrology.

When you can’t get to the Pilates gym, we bring the gym to you. Joe Pilates designed his method to be practised at home. With Hub ONLINE you can workout out every day: at any time. 

Join the movement. See you on YOUR Mat. 

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The Pilates Hub is pleased to offer The Pilates Center’s [TPC] Teacher Training Programmes. Dubbed ‘the Harvard of Pilates teacher training’, TPC offers some of the most rigorous courses in the industry.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, sisters Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel studied with Joseph Pilates’ protégée, Romana Kryzanowska, who helped them set up the first formal comprehensive training programme in the industry in 1991.

Now, TPC’s education network spans the globe, and for the first time students in Edinburgh will be able to ‘train with the best’ at The Pilates Hub.

Customer Reviews

Norma Tait
Norma Tait
21:51 08 Mar 20
Norma and I attend our Pilates classes every week with Elaine Turner, and we find she is an excellent teacher, helpful... and very patient, and we do have some laughs and fun.I am vaguely around the 80 year old status and manage to do all the exercises and am now quite a fit person. Two years ago I had difficulty getting up from a chair and now it is just a normal activity. I don’t want to go back to where I came from; I am just happy where my fitness is now.Thoroughly recommend Pilates and the HUB. Andrewread more
Paddy Cuthbert
Paddy Cuthbert
17:59 25 Feb 20
I love the Pilates Hub! Everyone involved is so welcoming, friendly and chatty and genuinely interested. I definitely... feel part of the Pilates Hub community. The teachers are fantastic. They are very patient with me, I rarely get to grips with the more complicated exercises. They explain things in enough but not too much detail and I feel that I learn something new every week. Classes at the Pilates Hub have been revolutionary for me and I am hooked! They have made a huge difference to my posture. I am much more supple and generally feel great after every class. I really notice when I haven't been for a week or two. I started on a one to one basis and when confident enough I joined a class. I would definitely recommend the Pilates Hub to anyone thinking about Pilates.read more
Lyndsey Black
Lyndsey Black
08:41 24 Feb 20
I tried Pilates to help with long term back issues and then I got hooked! I’m a regular to mat classes but have tried... all the equipment classes too and it’s done wonders. It’s a whole body workout and amazing for your mind too. All the teachers are so supportive and there’s a great social aspect to classes as well. Try a class you won’t regret it!read more
Amy Edwardson
Amy Edwardson
13:25 20 Feb 20
The Pilates Hub is my happy place! My Reformer class with Lorna is the highlight of my week. I always leave feeling... energised and clear-headed no matter what sort of day I've had. Practising Pilates regularly has completely got rid of the shoulder and low back pain I used to experience. I love it because it works your whole body - it strengthens your muscles whilst keeping good alignment in mind. It really is the smartest, most efficient workout around. And no better place to do it than The Pilates Hub. The studio is fully kitted out with beautiful classical apparatus and the teachers are friendly, encouraging and excellent banter! I highly recommend The Pilates Hub if you want to change your body and have fun at the same time.read more
James Jopling
James Jopling
22:21 18 Feb 20
From never having done a class before I've now become a firm and keen convert to the Reformer classes. All the... teachers are kind and supportive and excel in their fields. I feel taller* (*not medically proven) and having had a succession of calf strains for the last year, I've been free of them and able to run more regularly since getting into regular classes. Thoroughly recommended!read more
Lorna Magee
Lorna Magee
11:28 14 Feb 20
Hands-down the best place to do Pilates in Edinburgh! I moved up from London a year ago, and this is the only studio... that offers the same quality of service, professionalism, and range of equipment as the studios in London. It's very difficult to find that anywhere else in the UK, so this studio is a real gem. Ellie has years of experience, and brings her bright and passionate energy to everything she does. I'm a Pilates teacher, and I wouldn't have moved here if it weren't for the Hub!read more
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