Meet the Team

Team Hub builds strong bodies and communities through Pilates. We motivate and mentor. We teach the original method on all apparatus (Reformer and more!). We have the skills to help you move with ease, confidence and joy.

Elaine Turner

The Sparkly One

‘Pilates changed me, made me stronger and more confident in my body. Doing Pilates always boosts my mood. It’s like a best pal that’s always there when you need them.’

Advanced Programme, The Pilates Center (TPC), 2020.

Mat Certification, Pi Pilates, 2016.

Lorna Magee

The Ninja

‘Pilates empowers me to love myself and my body. When I practice, I am home.’

Master’s Programme, The Pilates Center (TPC), 2018.

Advanced Programme, The Pilates Center (TPC), 2013.

Ellie Carr

The Pioneer

‘Pilates makes me feel ageless. At 30 it changed my relationship with my body. In my 50s it keeps me running. It always meets me where I am. ‘

Levels 1 to 3; Full Circle mentorship, 360° Pilates, 2016-2017.

Mat, Body Control Pilates, 2006; Apparatus, 2010.