Meet the Team

Lorna Magee

Partner | Senior Teacher | Licensed Teacher Trainer

  • Master’s Programme, The Pilates Center, 2018
  • Advanced Teacher Training Programme, The Pilates Center, 2013

Born and raised in the USA, Lorna was introduced to Pilates as a young dancer.  She is a woman of many and varied talents. She holds a degree in Economics and spent several years teaching English in Madagascar. Still travelling, she circled back to her movement roots when she moved to London, diving into classical Pilates teacher training with The Pilates Center at Pepilates.

TPC was arguably the first formal comprehensive teaching programme in the world. Dubbed the ‘Harvard’ of teacher education, we reckon this makes Lorna our resident Pilates Professor.

Over the years, she has been invited to guest teach in Dublin, Hong Kong, and Bangalore – and when at home – feels very fortunate to have studied under some of the most highly trained teachers in the UK.  She joined the teacher training staff at Pepilates in 2014, and in 2019 became a Licensed Teacher Trainer for The Pilates Center worldwide.

After seven years in The Big Smoke, Lorna and her partner have relocated to Scotland, in pursuit of greener pastures, calmer waters and bigger hills.

When she is not in the studio perfecting her Pilates Ninja moves, helping clients discover theirs, or training future teachers – Lorna is to be found hanging upside down in aerial classes, trying to balance on her hands in yoga, swimming lengths in the Forth – very occasionally – sitting still. 

More than anything Lorna loves to move, and to share this with her students. In class she strives to give clients the joy of deep, strong movement, and to share the amazing potential that Pilates unlocks in every body.  

Elaine Turner

Partner | Teacher | Client Manager

  • Advanced Teacher Training Programme, The Pilates Center, 2020
  • Mat Certification, Pi Pilates, 2016

Elaine made the move from Pilates client to teacher in 2016 whilst living in Hertfordshire.

She originally studied with the renowned Holly Murray at Pi Studios in London. Her passion for the ‘classical’ Pilates method brought her to The Pilates Hub in 2016 when she moved home to Edinburgh and was looking for a studio that would work her hard. Elaine is inspired to help others to feel the change in their bodies and minds that she has personally experienced through the Method.

In 2020, she completed her Advanced Certificate with The Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado, USA.

As well as Pilates, Elaine is an experienced coach and holds an Executive Coaching & Mentoring Qualification with Institute of Leadership & Management. Elaine promises to work you hard in class, to make you sweat and have some laughs too.

Ellie Carr

Partner | Senior Teacher | Joe’s Gym

  • 360º Pilates (Benjamin Degenhardt) Level 1-3, 2016
  • 360º Pilates Full Circle mentorship 2017
  • Mat (2006) and Apparatus (2010) Supervising Teacher Mat and Reformer, Body Control Pilates

You’ll find Ellie lacing up trainers for a run, practising pull-ups (midlife goals) or scribbling in a notebook. She is a mover, a teacher and an advocate of moving your bones for physical and mental health. She loves the simplicity of Joseph Pilates’ original exercises, the developmental logic of the full method and the way it meets you where you are at every life stage and fitness level.

Ellie is a keen student of of pain science and neuroscience and uses this to drive her teaching philosophy. She is a fan of the old-school gym way of doing Pilates where you workout independently. Her ongoing project, Joe’s Gym, is an idea and a place at The Pilates Hub where you can do just that. 

Ellie originally trained as a contemporary dancer, got injured, became a journalist, had children, became a Pilates teacher. She is a keen but average club runner with a large collection of shorts. She has followed every fitness trend from Jane Fonda to Boxer-cise. But it is Contrology that has her heart and she wants to share it with you.