Start Packages

Your roadmap to the Pilates method

Get the building blocks for a rock solid Pilates practise here with our range of Start packages.

At The Pilates Hub we put the control back in Contrology (Joe Pilates’ original name for his method). We want you to to get the most from your practise by learning basic moves (perfection not required), exercise orders and apparatus safety before jumping into regular classes.

We don’t run big group beginner sessions where you disappear in the crowd. Instead we offer Start packages schooling you in the discipline of classical Pilates and getting fundamentals under your joggers/leggings. The traditional method uses set orders on Reformer and Mat and transitions between exercises. You will begin to learn these during your Start programme putting you in charge of your workout.

How to Book

If you are unsure which Start Package is best for you just get in touch. We are here to help.


This traditional induction to the classical system gives the skills to progress exponentially in private lessons, join group Apparatus or Reformer or Tower lessons or group mat classes.

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