Reformer & Tower

Now add springs to fuel your Pilates workout

Take a Reformer or Tower group class and discover why classical studios from New York to Stockholm and Sydney add springs to power their mat.

Want to conquer that Roll Up? Working on traditional apparatus can assist, challenge and give an adrenaline shot to your practise.

Flexible booking, no terms or blocks, jump into group Reformer or Tower anytime

We sell Reformer/Tower passes in single or multiple packages. You can start when motivation strikes and cherry pick from our weekly schedule. Grap a package and book as you go; or book a few weeks ahead to reserve a spot in your favourite class.

Reformer classes come in  two levels. Book Level 1 after a Start Reformer/Tower induction or Start Strong package, or if you have some apparatus experience elsewhere. You will be on first name terms with Footwork, Hundred, Elephant and Knee Stretches.

Book Level 2 if experienced on traditional apparatus, are familiar with Pull Straps, Short Spine Massage and Long Stretch, and classical transitions and spring settings.

Tower classes are Open Level and bookable by anyone with mat experience after a Reformer/Tower induction, Start Strong induction or enough Tower tasters to get familiar with apparatus safety and spring changes.

Reformer & Tower Packages

Buy a single or multiple class package which you can use at any time

1 pass


Reformer: Level 1 & 2
Tower: Open Level
£26 per class

5 passes


Reformer: Level 1, & 2
Tower: Open Level
£20 per class

10 passes


Reformer: Level 1 & 2
Tower: Open Level
£18 per class

How to Book

Start packages are ideal and a lot of fun if you’ve done apparatus Pilates but never been on a classical Reformer before (it’s different, in a good way).

I’m new to Pilates

We have a range of Start Pilates packages for beginners and new clients.

I’d like to book a class or lesson

Go to the class schedule or download the Mindbody app (available for Android or iPhones), pick the class you’d like to attend, then  follow steps to register. You’ll be able to choose a single or multiple class package.

I’d like to buy some passess

Click ‘Buy Now’ on single pass or package of your choice (at the bottom of the page), you can book specific classes later via this website or the Mindbody app.