Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training


The Pilates Hub is pleased to be able to continue to offer comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training through The Pilates Center. Applications are open for students who meet one of the following criteria:

  • You are already a graduate of another 450+ hour comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training and would like to bridge to the advanced work (see Bridge Programme); or
  • You are already a student of classical Pilates, with significant experience on the apparatus (see Intermediate Programme or Advanced Programme).

In addition you must either:

  • Live locally (within 5 miles of EH6); or
  • Have access to a studio with a Reformer, Tower/Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector within five miles of your home. 

The Pilates Center’s teacher training programme materials have been online for many years. But with COVID-19 restrictions in place, we expect continued limitations on studio access. This means you must be prepared to complete more of your lessons, observations and practice teaching hours online. As you consider entering an industry that has been, for the past few months, wholly digital – we encourage you to keep an open mind and consider this an opportunity to sharpen not just in-person, but online teaching skills too.

For this reason we ask that you already have a good working knowledge of the classical apparatus, and that you live within local access of somewhere to practise, in case times get tough again. 

Rest assured that we are practised in delivering high quality teaching online as well as in the studio. Regardless of external circumstances, you will be mentored and guided through your training year at every step. 

Pilates Teacher Training




Graduate qualified to teach the Beginner – Advanced work on all apparatus

Must pass Intermediate-level Reformer Performance Evaluation to apply

Approx. 15-18 hours per week practice

Est. £5,350 + lessons & books

To apply or for more information



Graduate qualified to teach Beginner – Intermediate on all apparatus

Must complete 20 hours of lessons with an approved instructor prior to applying

Approx. 8-10 hours per week practice

Option to bridge to the Advanced Programme later (additional 12-month course)

Est. £3,795 + lessons & books

To apply or for more information



Graduate qualified to teach Beginner – Advanced work on all apparatus

Must pass Intermediate/Advanced Reformer Performance Evaluation, as well as Intermediate Mat & Reformer Teaching Evaluation, to apply

Approx. 10 hours practice per week

Est. £4,620 + lessons + books

To apply or for more information


Licensed Teacher Trainer | Director of Education

Lorna is a graduate of The Pilates Center’s Advanced Programme, The Pilates Center’s Master’s Programme, and is now a Licensed Teacher Trainer for The Pilates Center’s training programmes.

She has been advising on the teacher training team since 2014, and has helped more than twenty students along their paths to becoming teachers.

Her role as Licensed Teacher Trainer and Director of Education is to guide and advise students on the course, as well as administer all exams. She also oversees enrolment and administration, and leads the taught components of the course.

Lorna inspired me to become a Pilates teacher through her own teaching, and became a great mentor to me throughout my training.

Georgie K.

It’s the sense she gives of not owning the work, but passing it on in her understanding of it and the body.

Louise S.

Her knowledge and experience is remarkable considering the time that she’s been teaching. For me this sets her up with the senior teachers in terms of expertise.

Natasha V.