1:1 lessons

Personalised Pilates training

It is all about you

Personalised 1:1 training 

In 1:1 lessons at The Pilates Hub you have access to every tool in the studio and your teacher’s undivided attention. Your programme is individually designed to meet your unique needs. 

You will workout on Reformer and Mat (which doubles as your homework); zoom in to strengthen and mobilise on Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels, Pedipole and more. You will learn exercise orders and transitions that put you in charge of your practise. 

It may look like torture equipment, but learn the method on full apparatus with us, and you will experience real change in body and mind.

You might be new to Pilates, returning from injury, balancing a training load, or just looking to find an exercise mode you can enjoy. 

Come ready to learn, work and have fun. We will teach you a practice that keeps mind and body healthy for life.

1:2 duo training

What is 1:2 training? Put simply, it is individual coaching, with a friend (or family member). Get the benefits of 1:1 lessons and a pal to keep you on track and spur you on. Oh and you save money on solo lessons, what is not to like? 

1:1 lesson

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1:2 duo lessons

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How to Book

Please get in touch to tell us a little bit about yourself, your goals and availability so we can match you with a teacher at a time that suits. 

I’m new to Pilates

We have a range of Start Pilates packages for beginners and new clients.

I’d like to book a class or lesson

Go to the class schedule or download the Mindbody app (available for Android or iPhones), pick the class you’d like to attend, then  follow steps to register. You’ll be able to choose a single or multiple class package.

I’d like to buy some passess

Click ‘Buy Now’ on single pass or package of your choice (at the bottom of the page), you can book specific classes later via this website or the Mindbody app.