Mat Classes

Just you, the mat and gravity

The ‘classical’ mat is a logical sequence of 34 exercises. It trains the body uniformly. It is a true workout for mind and muscle.

We work to Joe’s order in every class. Call it classical or traditional, it’s a systematic approach that drills body and brain and empowers the student. Build your movement vocabulary, have options to modify and get a workout from day one. Small classes (8 to 10 maximum) mean detailed teaching, and because we are community not a corporation, the sociability index and fun factor is high.

Regular mat classes are Open Level. If you have Pilates experience and are reasonably fit and well you can dive in. Give us a shout for advice on suitability and options. 

Flexible booking, no terms or blocks, join us on the mat anytime.

We sell passes in single or multiple packages so you can start when motivation strikes and cherry pick from the weekly schedule. Book as you go or a few weeks ahead to reserve a spot in your favourite class.

Mat Class Packages

Buy a single or multiple class package which you can use at any time

1 pass


£15 per class

6 passes


£13 per class


Try our START packages

START packages

How to Book

Start packages are ideal if you’ve done Pilates on a roll-up mat but never taken a classical class on traditional mats (it’s different, in a good way).

I’m new to Pilates

We have a range of Start Pilates packages for beginners and new clients.

I’d like to book a class or lesson

Go to the class schedule or download the Mindbody app (available for Android or iPhones), pick the class you’d like to attend, then  follow steps to register. You’ll be able to choose a single or multiple class package.

I’d like to buy some passess

Click ‘Buy Now’ on single pass or package of your choice (at the bottom of the page), you can book specific classes later via this website or the Mindbody app.