Class Types


Just you, the mat and gravity. The most stripped-back of all classes. Pilates in its purist form. Pace and precision are the watchwords as we work through all spinal planes and build strength and mobility. We take our Pilates seriously, but not ourselves, so the sociability index is high. And with a maximum of 10 classmates under the eagle eyes of our experienced team everyone gets the personal tweaks and cues we are renowned for.

We know you lead busy lives which is why we have a flexible online booking system that allows you to purchase as few or as many mat classes as wanted without paying for weeks you are away. However we do want you to fill your Pilates boots so the more class credits you buy the better the price. And though we love clients to mix it up we still encourage you to register for the same class day and time each week where possible for the best progression and development. Not to mention all that warm fuzzy bonding with your Pilates classmates.


A basic steady paced class teaching the tools that form the foundation of a strong Pilates practise. No frills or fancy props, just you and the mat. Ideal for beginner/improvers or those who want to refresh basics so they can bust Joe Pilates advanced moves. Absolute beginners contact the studio so we can advise the best level/intro package to get you started.


HUB Intermediate MAT

Moving on from basics, we up the pace, build more complex sequences and skills and introduce some classic mat preps with stamina and flow. By this stage we are working on or are some way to nailing moves like Roll-up from the mat. As a wise person once said, Pilates gets harder, but better.


HUB Intermediate Plus MAT

Moving on from basics, we up the pace, build more complex sequences and skills and introduce some classic mat preps with stamina and flow. Pitched at Intermediate and above we tackle more demanding exercises and incorporate advanced sequencing. By this stage we have nailed moves like Roll-up from the mat (or have a suitable modification) and will be getting our Teaser, Rollover and Swan Dives on!



A fundamentals class that still works you hard but steers away from the more demanding, athletic exercises from Joe’s classic mat. Pitched at older clients, Pilates returners, post-natal, return from injury, specific medical conditions. The focus is on mobilising spinal planes and joints, releasing tight muscles and restoring functional movement, rather than advancing through the Pilates ‘Levels’. Don’t get caught napping though. We still work with pace and flow and some class members do a mean Roll-up from the mat.


HUB Rise 45 MAT

A pacy class for experienced clients that gets to the meat of the workout pronto. With less time to hit the pause button for demos we keep this one moving. Be prepared to modify for your own body if necessary. All your favourite fundamentals building to the key advanced Classical preps and exercises, sometimes straight up, sometimes with a twist. Bring a small towel, you may sweat.



Open studio mat & equipment

And now add springs . . . a serious upgrade from group mat class working with the spring-loaded resistance of the Pilates reformer, cadillac, Wunda Chair and more. With a maximum of three clients per session you will work deeper and better on a programme designed specifically to your needs. Ideal for athletes, rehab, pre and post-natal or anyone seeking a targeted workout. Come and find out why New York and London always add springs to pep up their mat Studio induction or experience required.

– Single session: £30
– 5 session package: £ 130


HUB Ultra 90 MAT classes

Go the extra Pilates mile with our regular Saturday ‘ultra’ classes. With 90 minutes to both release and sweat it out we use props and small equipment to intensify your workout and mimic the resistance of the big Pilates machines. We head into the Pilates lab to design each Ultra round a specific prop or theme. Client faves are Foam Roller, Swiss Ball and Barre. Also on the Ultra roster, Bridging the Gap sessions to refresh fundamentals and help clients making the jump from Basics to Intermediate.